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2014 FIFA World Cup


The FIFA World Cup, which will take place in Brazil in 2014, encompasses several challenges, but at the same time creates several businesses opportunities for various segments related to public and private initiative. U$ 30 to U$ 55 billion investments are estimated for airports, railroads and roads, city transportation, telecommunications, sports centers, stadiums and other infrastructure areas.


Emerenciano, Baggio e Associados – Attorneys at Law offers a highly qualified professional team exclusively dedicated to 2014 FIFA World Cup, focusing support to international companies and investors, interested in participating of this event.


Our Law Firm is providing legal advice to several public and private entities as well as is involved with work tasks, committees and seminars, concerning World Cup.


Professional group comprises specialists in distinguished areas, such as Infrastructure and Projects, Corporate Law, International and Domestic Taxation, Customs Law, Contracts Law, M&A, Capital Markets and Project Finance, Intellectual Property and Immigration, and is able to support any national or international company or entity, whose activities or interests in 2014 FIFA World Cup.


For further information concerning to EBA Team 2014 FIFA World Cup and our services available, please do not hesitate to contact us.


About Us: Emerenciano, Baggio e Associados – Attorneys at Law is one of the leading corporate full service law firms in Brazil. Focusing corporate law, it supports with seriousness, respect, agility and ethics, small, medium and large-sized national and international companies, on litigation and legal consultancy activities. For more information, please search in our website www.emerenciano.com.br



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